Our story


Smilebe is a brand fueled by a dedication to helping people achieve their brightest smiles. Comprised of a team of dental professionals, we noticed that traditional teeth whitening methods often fell short of expectations, which inspired us to create a brand that would provide truly transformative results.

Smilebe and Toplash Cosmetics

Smilebe recently entered into a collaboration with Toplash Cosmetics, a distinguished beauty brand celebrated for their outstanding eyelash and eyebrow growth serums. This alliance between the two brands resulted in the development of an exclusive range of teeth whitening products, specifically designed to amplify natural beauty and confidence. This partnership has given rise to an extensive collection of products that deliver effective teeth whitening solutions, distinguished by an exceptional combination of quality and effectiveness.


In pursuit of our goal, we invested years in researching and crafting a teeth whitening solution that would live up to its promises. Our emphasis was on developing a product that was safe, efficient, and easy to use, with a formulation capable of deeply penetrating tooth enamel to dissolve stains. After multiple iterations of testing and refining, we introduced our Smilebe teeth whitening solution. Our customers were thrilled with the results they observed after just a few applications, and word quickly spread about our product's efficacy.

Our Mission

Throughout this journey, our steadfast dedication to our mission of empowering individuals to feel their best remained constant. We provided personalized guidance and assistance to each customer, while continuously working to improve our products and guarantee the most satisfying experience.

Today, Smilebe is a reputable brand known for its exceptional quality and results. With pride in our UK roots, we are committed to helping people around the globe attain their most dazzling smiles. Whether you are a dental professional or a consumer, we are here to support you in revealing your most radiant smile.

Sincerely yours,