Color Corrector

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Introducing the Smilebe Color Corrector with instant color correction technology. Our safe and non-invasive procedure utilizes a high concentration of active components to balance the various shades of teeth, concealing stains and enhancing enamel brightness. Experience snow-white teeth and fresh breath with no comparable alternatives.

  • Utilizes instant color correction technology
  • Provides a safe and non-invasive procedure
  • Contains a high concentration of active components
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Excellent solution to brighten your smile and make it shine!

Are you familiar with purple shampoo for hair?

By applying purple to the teeth, Smilebe Corrector neutralizes yellow tones and brightens your smile.

The perfect shade of deep purple that effectively neutralizes yellow

Our deep, dark purple Smilebe Corrector effectively neutralizes yellow discoloration, making it a great solution for achieving a brighter, more radiant smile. Use it daily or as a quick touch-up before an important event. It's also a great addition to further enhance and maintain the results of enamel whitening treatments.

Are you new to teeth whitening ?

If so, Smilebe Corrector is an ideal solution. It can be used to adjust enamel color after using a professional teeth whitening kit or as the first step to achieving a brighter smile.

How to use?

Introducing a new way to enhance your smile with the help of color correction technology.

Simply use Smilebe Corrector or after your whitening procedure, as partof your daily routine, or before an important meeting for an express method toachieve a bright, snow-white smile.

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Color Corrector

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