Gentle Whitening Strips

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Introducing Smilebe Gentle Whitening Strips - our latest addition to the Smilebe product line. These strips are formulated based on the gentle whitening PAP+ formula and are safe and effective for individuals with the most sensitive teeth.

  • Safe and gentle teeth whitening
  • Designed to avoid gum irritation and enamel damage
  • Comes with seven whitening sessions
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PAP+ is an effective alternative to traditional teeth whitening formulas that use peroxide-based ingredients, as it is less likely to cause tooth sensitivity or irritation.

Three powerful ingredients


PAP+ provides a safe and effective way to whiten tooth enamel without causing pain or negative side effects, making it an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive teeth.


Hydroxyapatite is the main component of bone tissue and teeth, and helps to replace lost minerals in damaged areas of enamel, making the teeth stronger and more resilient.


Potassium Citrate powerful desensitizing agent that helps remove pre-existing sensitivity. It penetrates the tooth and dentin layer, providing long-term protection against pain and hypersensitivity.

How to use

Experience the reality of gentle teeth whitening

Our PAP+ formula effectively whitens teeth without releasing harmful free radicals, making it safe for even the most sensitive teeth. Enjoy a brighter smile without any negative side effects.

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Achieving a snow-white smile has never been easier

Each bag includes two strips for the upper and lower teeth, making it convenient and accessible. Simply stick the strips onto your teeth, wait for 30 minutes, and carefully remove them to reveal your whitest and brightest smile yet.

Experience sensitivity-free

Our PAP+ formula offers fast whitening, desensitization, and remineralization benefits without causing an increase in tooth sensitivity.

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Gentle Whitening Strips

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